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Complexity of Thought

If you’re missing what’s called the depth and the complexity of thought that I’m looking for in this kind of paper so your goal here is right in the beginning as you bring up your idea here the English 105 final project every time you discuss your writing process in this essay stay focused on exactly the same writing assignment now what effect do you think that’s going to have on your writing does it make it more or less specific if in each paragraph you continue to discuss the same writing project do you think that adds or takes away from the depth and the complexity of thought or your writing it’s going to add to it right that’s going to show that you can take an idea you can develop it over several paragraphs getting more and more specific as you go. Find out more articles on essay depth at  robotdon.com.

That’s a good thing right that’s a good thing for writers okay now let’s talk about our next paragraph so once you’ve talked about how you’re different in terms of what you do and you print the first draft you can now show a similarity maybe use a word like however you might say then you might say here okay here we go it’s the next thing so let’s see what we’re doing here you’ll say however Lars and I are similar and that we both use some type of informal outline before we start to write our papers notice how I’m starting with Marv as each time is probably respectful because he’s the expert to put his ideas in front of yours so then we’ll say Maurice and I are similar and that we both use some type of informal outline before we start to write our papers for instance to help writers get started Marius recommends.

So now you have to go into your book and you have to say here’s what he says about this idea he says fine where the moment comes when you sit down to begin writing your first draft it’s always a good idea to start to list the points you want to cover a list is not as elaborate as a form or outline in writing your first list don’t bother to set items down in order of importance list your main points trust your mind to organize them you’ll probably make one less study and make another perhaps make another you can organize each us more completely than the last and he continues to explain this idea in paragraphs two three and even four so what you’re doing is your job now is to take paragraphs basically one two three and four and try to condense that information into about forty to fifty words and explain it exactly after the word recommends you see we’re saying now here’s the next thing.