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What Will Stand Out In Your Essay

You need to look at your own essay look first of course as your thesis your thesis is going to determine everything in your essay and then you take a look using guiding questions kind of like these and check to see first what do you need to do for each paragraph what information is needed in each paragraph and then you could come in and see why have I done that have I answered some of these questions and take out what’s not needed and go back and add material that might be needed and then I have right here these are phrases that can kind of move the reader through these different sections of the essay. Learn more about essay sections and what to place in them at Edusson.

So I’m going to pause now it’s gonna take you a little while to do this you want to again check your information go through these steps to see the information you need consciously choose the information and then work on connecting the information by using phrases like this I’m gonna pause now and then when we come back we’ll move right to this next section examples or analogies okay we’re back here with using examples or analogies the key here both with this in the next section on using explanation or explaining the quotes this is where again you’re helping the writers the writers oftentimes kind of Telegraph what they want to do they’re just using quick examples or maybe a quick statement of what they mean and it’s your job now that you’re synthesizing all these different writers is to kind of explain that a little bit to kind of help them out by an analogy that means a comparison of some kind is a great analogy in Matanzas a you guys probably remember this one because it really stands out.

He says society needs a mechanism for sorting it’s more intelligent members from it’s less intelligent ones just as a track team needs a mechanism such as a stopwatch for sorting out the faster athletes from the slower ones so here you get two analogies in one you get the idea of a track team and then you get another analogy as a stopwatch and both of these kind of help you see what what in this case he means by sorting out intelligent members now here this is really good this is from Mary we looked at her introduction above and here she does a good job of slowing down after each quote in providing examples to kind of help you the read or understand what the riders are saying I’m gonna pause now give you guys a chance to read over this and then we’ll go through and explain some of it all right so let’s get started with this paragraph but the thesis which you guys read above so you know the thesis is on personal growth and in the vision that we’re gonna work on here is self-examination one thing right off the bat you see is she has two paragraphs on one division.